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right, meteorologist justin berk ran to virginia beach. lynette charles has our beautiful weather today. >> absolutely spectacular. it'll continue for the next several days as well. there is change in the forecast, but in the meantime, a lovely labor day is in store for you. ample sunshine will continue and then we'll start to warm things back up into the middle of the week. then we'll cool things back down by the end of the week. we do have a little bit of a roller coaster ride. strap yourself in. maryland's most powerful radar looks good today. when we're dry you see all the sweet stuff. no matter where you're going, you're going to stay dry. you'll see lots of sunshine. you want the sunscreen, the shades for today as well. we're at 63 degrees and the humidity's at 60%. the dew point's at 49. not too bad and feels like 63 with the winds out of the north, northeast at about 5 miles an hour. temperatures right now, we're a little coolish, especially heading over the border into pennsylvania, 46 degrees there, we're at 59 degrees into baltimore right now, easton coming in at 55 and 55 in
? right here? >> meteorologist lynette charles, good morning, lynette. >> good morning, jamie. you set yourself up for that one, that was a good one. >>> all right, let's talk about what's going on for today. we had earl on friday skim us across ocean city. all in all, we'll have a beautiful day. it's going to linger. lovely labor day. ample sunshine will continue, warming air will come back by mid-week. we'll cool that down by the end of the week. we have a roller coaster ride through the end of the week. maryland's most powerful radar, we're high and dry, will stay that way through the next few days. all five sweeps are on as of now. your 12-hour forecast, i think you'll like it. waking up this morning at 69 degrees. by lunch time, around 79. still mostly sunny, that will continue into the afternoon. i have something you can do today. eat your lunch outdoors. i like that, i'm going to do that. by evening time, temperatures will be in the 60s, nice and pleasant all day long. that trend will continue for the next several days. >>> on this labor day, it's the number of people out of wor
. >> because it's been so nice. meteorologist lynette charles. >> the temperature at 91 degrees. we broke the 90s once again. with that, that put us 55th day of the 90s or better. we broke a record that was set in 1988, which was 54 days then. warm again today ahead of the front. but then the front passes through as we go through the evening hours, and we'll feel fall-like temperatures for tomorrow and also friday. also we're dealing with very windy and dry conditions behind the front. that's why we have a fire watch and red flag warning in effect once again. here it is. you can see this beige color, this neutral color goes in effect 10 a.m. through this afternoon. this is your fire watch. we have red flag warnings there in the pinkish color. definitely no burning, no outdoor burning, no throwing your cigarette butts out the window today because it's very dangerous outside in these areas. as we check out maryland's most powerful radar, yes, we have a few showers popping up, but mainly you can see them to south of stevens city. to the south of baltimore as of now. winchester, front royal,
. lynette charles has our out the door forecast. >> i have the maryland and navy forecast as well. big game, check it out here, we'll be seeing ample sunshine in the forecast. check out the high around 83 degrees. clear and mild. kick-off at 4:00 p.m. today. current conditions into rockville, 63 degrees. 62 into annapolis and laurel coming in at 60 degrees. i may have your 7-day forecast and everything else is coming right back up. [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice. but you wouldn't want an antique computer. or an antique tv. ♪ or an antique remote control. so why are you still using an antique cable network created in 1948 for your 2010 tv? it's time to hook your tv up to a 100% fiber optic network. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >>> good morning, everyone. happy labor day to you. it'll be an absolutely gorgeous day. you have to get out there and enjoy it. if you don't have plans, go for a long walk or something. it'll be gorgeous. baltimore, temperature at 64 degrees. humidity at 55%. de
we get to that we'll get to lynette charles with a look at what we can expect over the next few hours. >> we're dealing with some warmer temperatures this morning, but we have a cool trend that's going to move through the area as well. if you don't like the hot temperatures, oh, yes, i have better looking news. we look at the temperatures, you can see around baltimore right now, 74 degrees, headed to new york 77. and we're at 77 degrees right around cape hatteras, but the further inland you go towards the north and west, look at the greens. you should see cooler temperatures moving in. 53 in chicago. we'll get in some 50s as we head into tomorrow. let's send this over to kim brown with your traffic. >> good morning. two accidents to let you know about, one downtown at paca and pratt, another lingering into timonium and dulaney valley and ridge roads. good on the beltway, except the outer loop is jammed the entire stretch. harford road, the delays begin at bel air road. the outer loop on the west side begins to jam at 795. we'll check the 95 corridor in a few moments. back to you. >> t
's weather with lynette charles. >> how do i go on after a picture like that? let me show you these stats right here. i think you'll like these better than the temperature we just showed you. our normal this time of year, right around 81 degrees. our low, 60. record low, set back in 1962 was 47 degrees. definitely a chilly one back then. it was a hot one in 1983, coming in at 98 degrees. yes, do you see the 78 we got yesterday. we will definitely take that. perfect temperature. 70 degrees into allatoona. richmond around 83 degrees. that's what i'm forecasting for today, here. roanoke yesterday, 79 degrees. charleston, 76. pittsburgh, 71. a gorgeous day. we had to deal with earl on friday. after, that plenty of sunshine and cooler temperatures in the forecast. you know what? cooler temperatures will be moving back after we warm back up. lows right now, 44 degrees into allatoona. very chilly start to the morning. make sure you have a jacket or some type of sweater. 49 to pittsburgh. 54 roanoke. 61 into philly and new york. richmond coming in at 58 degrees. so we're looking at the satellite
over there and talk to our meteorologist lynette charles. all right. good morning, lynette. >> good morning, you guys. i love them so much. we have stuff to talk about right now and i'm going to bring them in a little bit later but right now they're stairing at me and i can't concentrate. we do have a fire watch from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this is for all the areas shaded in beige. as you look back here towards the pink, this is a red flag warning and this is going to be in effect until 7 p.m. this evening. no burn of fires today. if you smoke and throw your butts out the window, don't do that today. it's also going to be very windy. in terms of the temperatures, yesterday, oh, boy did we heat up. temperatures came in to 91 degrees, we set a record. that was the 55th day we hit 90 or better. the record was set back in 1988. i'm forecasting today ahead of the front, maybe we could get to the 90s again. we are waiting for this front to move through. we do have some cool dry air on the back side of it. ahead of it, we had a few showers trying to pop up, but that was mainly in virginia. as w
charles, out at the sauna. where did you go, lynette? >> good morning megan, good morning, everybody. house jam, invent the night. right here, randy will tell us what we have here. >> absolutely, we want to welcome everybody this weekend uh, to our maryland home and garden show. it's this friday, saturday and sunday. 11:00 to 6:00 each day. come out, enjoy all the exhibits, the food, certainly the wine. >> i love that. >> reporter: we have wine tasting today? >> absolutely. >> reporter: tell us about the wine, my mouth is watering. >> these are all italian wines. wine wave, italian wine importer. this brand is called house jam. white and also a chillable red. really fun party wine. uh, very, very versatile with many, many party environments. peen grigio, kianti, two basic italian varieties. >> reporter: the big one? >> that's considered the king of italian wines from icon producer mark kaza d brolo. a sweet dessert wine. very versatile with many desserts or casual entertaining. >> reporter: if i wanted a big steak, let's say you're going to go home and cook a lovely big steak, which
to us 24 hours a day at pix at let's get to lie net charles with your first forecast. lynette, how is it. >> still looking not so good. finally we had a bit of a lull but now starting to pick back up and have heavy rain bands, yellows and reds so we're going to be in it as we go through the overnight hours, then it's going to start to move out of here but in the meantime we're watching the water, the flooding situation, and all is the wind gusts, 40 plus miles per hour, tornado watch until 7:00 p.m., we have a flash flood warning until 6:15:00 p.m., and then the rainfall up to 4 to 10". i think along the coast the bay area we're going to definitely be seeing those 10". let micheaux you what is going on as we check it out. we're looking at what is going on in terms of your rainfall, we're looking at this, then we're also going to be looking at your weather net totals t whether net totals are definitely fixing up as we go in the time, we're going to be looking at that as well, so we saw about close to 7" now across engineer peer meres, as we check what the is going on in the ann
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9